Mar 06, 2011
Luvstep 1+2
Caspa feat Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies [Sub Soldiers]
Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
Gemini - Blue (Original Mix) [Inspected]

You’d be missing out sorely if you’ve never heard of a naughty little mix called Luvstep. Whether you’re a huge dubhead or not, Luvstep has something for you. It’s become something analogous to a cult classic in the dance music world, garnering a huge online fanbase after the first mix was released last year. The demand and anticipation for the second was so high that Luvstep got its own website (listen here) and countdown timer to the midnight release.

The team behind LuvstepDirty South Joe and Flufftronix–aims to release their signature mixes on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. The best way to describe the appeal of Luvstep is smooth, sexy bass; the scores of beautiful vocal dubstep tracks masterfully mixed and tastefully perforated by lines from contemporary Hollywood romances creates an unmistakable spice in the air–perfect for that special night. The artist content differs from the first and second Luvsteps, but on the whole, you’ll find a good number of familiars like Caspa and Skream, along with a bevy of lesser-known names oozing with promise. You’ll definitely recognize this smooth-as-jazz Skream remix of Chromeo from last year, along with the Caspa original from later that fall. But if Blue sounds new to you, don’t worry – newcomer Gemini is no joke.

Dirty South Joe (not to be confused with Dirty South) and Flufftronix are two DJ/producers from Philadelphia. Having caught the attention of Mad DecentDiplo’s label–with some quality remixes, Luvstep was arranged to be released from the label. With the support of the label’s many artists, the duo has completed two mixes full of sweet anthems and exclusives alike. Make sure you hit them both.