Jun 23, 2011
Elegy - Holy Mountainz (Original Mix) [Panzar Productions]
Elegy - Tree-Dimensional (Original Mix) [Panzar Productions]
Elegy - Voices (Original Mix) [Panzar Productions]

You know we’re always down for some fresh progressive psytrance here at LessThan3, and it’s been too long since my last psytrance post, which highlighted the mesmerizing sound of former Grunting Mad Scientists Riktam & Bansi. Today, hot from the studio over at Panzar Productions, we bring you a taste of Sleeping Giant, the new EP by Elegy aka DJ Mension.

Some tracks on Sleeping Giant most closely reminiscent of the likes of psytrance superstars Infected Mushroom, with others maintaining a slightly more novel sound. Some of my favorite tracks from the album are Holy Mountainz and Tree-Dimensional, both heavy with that Infected feel, with Voices weighing in as a third pick for you to sample and grow to love.

I love psytrance because of its inherent psychedelic mojo; that 1, 2 beat that seems to grip your central nervous system and tell your brain to make your body move. In Sleeping Giant, every song has this sort of driving rhythm accompanied by melodious overtones and, somewhat contradictorily, chill yet epic buildups and drops. Whether you’re looking to go on a musical adventure or a run in your local park, this EP will keep you moving for sure.

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