Jun 07, 2010
Luciano @ Pacha 6/6/2010

Long ago, Pacha Ibiza was the first major club I ever set foot in. With its incredible multi-tiered design, spacious dancefloors, plush lounges, and an overall fantastic crowd, Pacha forever set the bar in my mind for all clubs to reach for. Let me tell you, it hasn’t changed–that is, except for the New York City subway theme which has been removed since my previous visit.

Last night Luciano delivered some deep and minimal house, with an international flare I have not heard too much in the states. Several clearly Spanish inspired-tracks had the dancefloor lookin’ hot as the crowd let themselves be hypnotized under Luciano’s complete control. On a couple of occasions I found myself wishing he would switch tracks due to some lengthy playtimes, but his skills on the mixer generally provided enough variety to keep things fresh.

Luciano is definitely a fan of building up to a mega-drop by offering smaller builds with the bass being reintroduced slightly before the crowd wants it.

Let’s call this the teasing technique.

With minimal house, just like most forms of EDM, teasing is risky; if your peak drop is not orgasmic then you end up with a bad case of musical blueballs. And we all know nobody likes that. What separates the true stars are those who can read the crowd appropriately to figure out that critical point where you need to just give it to ‘em. Luckily, Luciano falls into that category.

Today I’ll be checking out CircoLoco’s party at DC10 and Tiesto’s opening party at Privilege. Coverage to follow.