Jan 07, 2014
LT3:037 – Sharkoffs – Bossa Nova Soul
Sharkoffs - Bossa Nova Soul (Original Mix) [LessThan3]

Anonymous producer Sharkoffs followed up last month’s melodic stomper, Beast Mode, with Bossa Nova Soul today, a fidget electro-inspired ragefest destined for dark and sweaty dancefloor annihilation.

Both attitude-filled and catchy, well mixed drums are essential for this brand of electro, and Bossa Nova Soul packs a serious punch in both departments. In your face from start to finish, Sharkoffs walks the line between aggressive and awesome with this tune, featuring perfectly abrasive synths and a sample close to most of our hearts.

If you’re getting your swerve on as much as I am to this track, head over to Beatport to grab it in HD or swing by Sharkoffs’ SoundCloud for a Free Download at 256 KBPS.