Mar 01, 2011
LT3 @ Freq Nasty & MartyParty
Amp Live - Turn It Up (MartyParty Remix) [OM]

103 Harriet in San Francisco saw quite the show last Friday night as Freq Nasty and MartyParty proceeded to lay down an onslaught of dubstep to a crowd that just couldn’t get enough. There was no question that the place to be was in the main room, which was packed late into the night, past the 2am curfew many are used to in the city. Part of the fun of the night was the fact that the Chinese New Year was being celebrated (a little late–but who cares) in style with some performance artists doing all kinds of crazy stuff with elaborate costumes and props in the room, including a massive rabbit on which a bunch of girls who looked like…rabbits…rode… yeah….

Getting down to business around 12:30am or so, MartyParty kicked it into high gear with a supremely polished set filled with tons of his personal hits. When Freq Nasty came on he just took the energy in the crowd and kept rocking with it, as he laid down songs similar to his own style and sound. Both of these guys truly stand out in my mind as unique dubstep acts in today’s scene, and I was impressed by how dank their track selection was. Hell, I didn’t even recognize the majority of them myself! Overall the crowd ate it up and people were getting down–way down–as the night wobbled onward.

Everything seemed to go off without a hitch: no issues at the door, not overly jam-packed crowded, great music, and just an overall laid back atmosphere that was very fitting for the evening. It was also fairly entertaining to see casual clubgoers being thrust into the dubstep culture that permeated throughout the entire venue. One minor note–if you’re planning on attending events at this place either come early or leave your coat at home, otherwise you may be waiting in line at coat check for quite some time. Looking forward to more great events at this venue in the future!