Feb 05, 2014
LT3 @ Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival 2014
Wolfgang Gartner - Anaconda (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Bassjackers - Crackin (Martin Garrix Edit) [Spinnin]
Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Circus]

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They say that February is the coldest month of the year, but don’t tell that to the legions of fans in Toronto who hit up the second annual Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival. Thousands of bundled-up EDM fans braved the elements to pack the two dance floors–the outdoor TD Echo Beach (main stage), and the indoor Corona Technodome (deep/tech house)–to the brim. It was absolutely bonkers, and the energy at the festival rivaled that of Electronic Nation’s summer festival, Digital Dreams. Forget the USPS, neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep Canadian ravers from dancing!

Throughout the week, the weather in Toronto hovered around -18°C (0°F) with the windchill–not exactly ideal dancing conditions. Luckily, on the day of the event, the weather was a beautiful 1°C (34°F) with snow flurries–the perfect setting for Canadian partygoers if ever there was one. That being said, while it wasn’t freezing by any means, it was definitely wet. Slush, muck, and more slush covered the area, but hey, that’s what winter boots are for!

Inside the Technodome, the dancefloor was more like a swimming pool than a club, but that didn’t stop a multitude of tech fans from jamming out to incredible performances by Hot Since 82, Lee Foss, and Sharam, among others. Forget the cold weather and soaked clothes, people were grooving! I may have been a fleglind fan of deep/tech beforehand, but consider me a full-on convert now–I was literally walking around like I was Bigger Than Prince.

Backstage at Echo Beach, I ran into LessThan3 favourite Charlie Darker, who was in attendance to cheer on fellow Canadians Felix Cartal and Joe Ghost. Speaking of Cartal and Ghost, if you haven’t listened to either of these guys, do so now–they delivered a plethora of hard-hitting live edits and mashups that had the crowd in collective thrombosis. Fans in the front row probably remember me dancing like a madman on stage–I couldn’t help it!

Following up Cartal’s antics was Marlon Flohr, the DJing side of Bassjackers. To say his set was heavy would be a trivialization–it was banger after banger after banger, with little or no time between to take a breather from the onslaught. Puzzle begot Lion begot the Martin Garrix edit of Crackin, and the crowd ate it up like a fresh batch of BeaverTails.

Closing out the festivities was the one and only Wolfgang Gartner, and believe me when I say this: the dude is a monster on the decks. He started things off with a bit of a techy vibe, before quickly transitioning into crowd favourites such as Anaconda, Piranha, and of course, Space Jump. Perhaps the craziest part of his set was that he was DJing barefoot, in the middle of a Canadian winter! Footwear notwithstanding, the king of Kindergarten sent the crowds home with rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces. Another year and another crazy festival in the snow is in the books. Who’s ready for 2015?