Mar 20, 2014
Low Pros Work That ‘Muscle’ With Juvenile
Low Pros feat. Juvenile - Muscle (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

Low Pros, the duo of A-Trak and Lex Luger, have teamed up with rap legend Juvenile for a twerk-friendly new track called Muscle.

The Pros have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting acts bridging the gap between rap and EDM, and they score some serious hip hop cred here by letting Juvenile spit hot fire all over their bonafide Dirty South beat–just the sort that the former Hot Boy made his name on in the late ’90s. And if it’s even possible that Juvie still has any haters out there, the first few bars should be enough to reassure even the most snobbish rap fan that dude’s got it going on to this day.

Low Pros’ introductory EP1 is expected to drop next week via Fool’s Gold.


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