Jul 29, 2015
Louis Vivet Gives Miike Snow’s ‘Silvia’ A Modern Facelift + Graphic Novella
Miike Snow - Silvia (Louis Vivet feat. Jordan Humphrey Cover)

LA-based duo Louis Vivet (pictured), who take the names Nicolas II and Aria S from the first patient diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, flips the script on Miike Snow’s 2009 hit Silvia, giving it a touching, modern facelift featuring vocals from Jordan Humphrey.

Incorporating punchy kicks, airy vocals, and a stripped-down production style, the duo creates a driving-yet-melancholy tune that combines deep house, downtempo, and pop. Part of me wants to sit down and cry, while the other half wants to get up and dance with arms outstretched toward the heavens.

A graphic novella telling the story of the song has also been created by group member Nick, who oversees the art direction and overall brand of the group. It can be viewed here.

Grab your free download here.

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