Jun 15, 2015
Louis Futon Releases Thumping ‘Tree / Impala’ EP
Louis Futon - Tree (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm]
Louis Futon - Impala (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm]

Philadelphia’s Louis Futon continues his impressive development as a producer in 2015 with his latest two-track EP, Tree / Impala, available from Terrorhythm Records.

Deep-fried eight-bit synths that sound like the alarm’s gone off in the lair of the villain on a video game’s final level dominate Tree. The production bears a tough yet poppy trapped-out funk that has a lo-fi slump, but still feels similar to the style of turn-of-the-millenium Atlanta-based producer Bangladesh.

Break up a trap bassline, play it in reverse, and throw a minor key and pitched guitar-style synth on top and you get Impala. Most favorably compared to something that would’ve fit well into the discography of oddball ’90s Left Coast favorite Del tha Funkee Homosapien, it’s a swinger that’s tailor-made for the Brainfeeder lover in all of us.

Download the EP for free here.

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