Apr 17, 2015
Lost & Found: The Fairytale Story Of Viral Artist Honor
Honor - Never Off (PANG! Remix)
Honor - Never Off (Florian Picasso Remix)
Honor - Never Off (Tom Middleton Remix)
Honor - Never Off (Wafemi Remix)

The story of female musician Honor is so far beyond fairytale, it’s almost inconceivable. Her discovery and viral success is something that rarely, if ever, happens outside of Hollywood, and yet it serves as inspiration for every bedroom musician with dreams of something more.

The story begins on a London train, where popular Youtube user LukeIsNotSexy discovered a memory stick containing several of her photos and rough demos. Enamoured with the unknown musician’s sound, he set off in search of the memory stick’s rightful owner.

He created a YouTube page, enlisted the help of 500,000 subscribers, and created a Facebook page. Soon, #NameTheGirl was trending on Twitter. Eventually, Honor was identified by a friend, and she revealed herself to the world in a wonderful video, which you can see below.

Shortly after she went viral, Honor was signed by Italian-based music management group Spaceship Management, best known for their work with Benny Benassi, The Bloody Beetroots, and Crookers, among others. Together, the two worked together to shape Honor’s sound. Her debut single, Never Off, is an irresistibly lush and haunting power ballad that bursts with cinematic brilliance and poignant passion. As a thank you to her fans, Honor’s debut single is available here as a free download.

“Honor is a unique artist who gives us deeply sensitive, haunting melodies couched in dream-pop atmospheres which hark back to the Nineties in a thoroughly modern guise,” said Spaceship, who produced the video for Honor’s debut single (see below).

The single has also received remixes from several hot names in the electronic music industry. Stockholm duo PANG!, who recently hopped on official remix duties for David Guetta’s What I Did For Love, inject the song with some chilled-out, poolside vibes, turning it into a tropical summer number. On the flip-side, French producer Florian Picasso delivers a big room bomb capable of levelling dancefloors everywhere. The always-elegant Tom Middleton, a personal favorite of mine, pushes Honor’s soaring vocals into a realm than almost transcends time. His cut is a raw, touching, and heartfelt remix that you are going to keep on repeat for a long time. Last, but certainly not least, is a rework from up-and-coming Italian producer Wafemi, who drops a driving dub remix.

Listen to the four remixes up above and check out a pair of videos from Honor down below.