May 08, 2010
Lost & Found
Mat Zo - The Found [Anjunabeats]

Hi folks, I’m Shmurkio! Whether its about DJs, tracks, clubs, or raves, I love to talk EDM! Here’s a little background about me – born and raised in New York City, I’m currently a college junior at a northeastern university. I’ll be returning home this summer to intern for a major record label. While there are many genres of music I love, nothing quite raises my spirit and soul like EDM.  Whether it be house, trance, or something quirkier like dubstep, I’m down to listen and talk about it. I’m always looking for new cutting edge artists who are redefining the sounds that keeps us dancing, so feel free to email me with your suggestions. Anyways, on to my first post:

Last month marked the release of Mat Zo’s new EP The Lost / The Found on Anjunabeats.  It’s amazing that this guy is only 19, and has already established himself as one of the most talented trance producers out there. His new EP is no exception.  The first track, “The Lost”, defines Zo’s musical style: repetitive melodic phrases layered beautifully over warm synth tones. “The Found” will appeal to those seeking a more uplifting club track.

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