Sep 08, 2011
Losing Your Marbles
Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar (Original Mix) [Marble]
Marble Players - Marble Anthem (Original Mix) [Marble]
Marble Players - Playground (Original Mix) [Marble]

The boys over at Marble Records are doing it right with their brand of funky, minimal house. With artists like Das Glow (pictured above) and Para One, their standard of quality comes as no surprise. In fact, those two artists have just released a new single, Pulsar, in honor of their upcoming EP of the same name. Pulsar is a delightful little tune comprised of stylish kicks and smoothed out vocal melodies. Keeping true to its minimal DNA, there are light dots of synth throughout the song to keep things a bit varied, with everything coming nicely together in a neat little package.

Another act from from Marble is the trio which Para One makes up one third of, Marble Players. The label’s theme, aptly named Marble Anthem, along with Playground, mark their first releases as a trio. I have two words for you–dat bass. Anthem is all about huge kicks and funky drum samples. Playground is a bit more complex. The intro is soulful, while the middle leads with robotic synth and funky Chicago house beats. These are definitely for someone with a refined palette for instrumental 4/4 beats. Comment if you dig it.

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