Nov 04, 2013
Lose Your Logic With Tyas & Neiman
Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman feat. Fisher - Lose My Logic (Original Mix) [Black Hole]

There’s always something to be said for mixing things up in dance music, so when trance legend Sean Tyas teamed up with electro-influenced up-and-comer Noah Neiman, the result was always going to be interesting. Throw in the vocal talents of Fisher–who recently saw crossover success with a Billboard top 10 hit–and some experimental production techniques, and the finished product speaks for itself.

Lose My Logic is a trance track at its core, but it starts as stomping electro anthem before the vocals and usual floaty trance pads and synths kick in during the break. But that’s where things get interesting, with some dubstep-esque break beats that do a fine job of crossing the line between “hands in the air” build and dirty electro drop. It’s a technique artists such as BT have been using to great effect recently, and this is no exception. The line between different styles is once again blurred, and not at the cost of artistic integrity–it’s innovation rather than fashion and it works perfectly.

Lose My Logic is out now on Black Hole. If that wasn’t enough, we can also exclusively announce a remix package, including a rework courtesy of up-and-coming talent Tomas Heredia, is due out at the end of the month.

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