Jan 06, 2016
Loosid’s What We Dream About With New Original ‘Day & Night’
Loosid - Day & Night (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Multi-man mystery act Loosid’s latest garage hybrid Day & Night demonstrates a clean mix of all the sonic tools with which the project has prepared itself for a banner 2016.

Going the free download route this time, Loosid crafts the dynamic Day & Night with creative bass and percussion work, fits of breaks, gentle breakdowns, and a dash of the calling card vocal work that made their Chainsmokers and Dropout remixes so damn special and earned their previous original the honor of being Big Beat White Label’s first release.

While we still don’t know exactly who’s behind the Loosid name, hints spread across the Web and their channels suggest we’re actually dealing with more than one artist. The team’s Facebook page announced Dec. 31 that “we are finally meeting in 2016.”

Pick up the free download of Day & Night here.

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