Aug 10, 2012
Look Into The Horizon
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Original Mix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Moleman Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Stan SB Remix) [Subsphere]

You might remember a while back when Toothless brought you an experimental drum’n’bass sensation by the name of Feint. Now the young prodigy from Manchester is back with some with forward-thinking dnb in the form of the Horizons EP. Serene and warm in nature, the EP take the listener on an audacious journey. As you could probably tell from the artwork, Horizons has a very organic feel to it. Feint’s love for live drum instrumentation is noticeable by simply listening to the opening drum lines. What follows are several stunning remixes by a great selection of producers.

The original is, quite honestly, one of the best dnb tracks I’ve heard in years. When one thinks of drum’n’bass, I’m sure heavy, gut-punching drops come to mind. The opposite is true in this case, as Horizons uses pure, awe-inspiring beauty as its backdrop. Everything from the moving piano keys to the flowing lyrics of Veela sounds wonderful. Moleman takes it a step farther and turns the original into an liquid masterpiece. He strips out the dnb and replaces it with minimal snares and surreal effects, creating an atmosphere comparable to a shimmering waterfall. Finally, if you’re in the hard mood, then check out Stan SB’s remix. You can tell from the first huge wobbly bassline that you’re in for a complete overhaul of the original. The good news is it only gets more intense, and the bad news is you’ll probably need to change your pants after listening to it. So there you have it–another great add to your collection. Make sure to grab the EP when it drops on August 19th on Subsphere Records.

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