Mar 03, 2012
Loodma's Natural Selection
Galimatias - To The Moon & Beyond (Original Mix) [Loodma]
Galimatias - Crestfallen (Original Mix) [Loodma]
Galimatias - Noelle's Eloquence (Original Mix) [Loodma]

Loodma newcomer Galimatias comes up strong in his first EP, Luna Soul, offering an organic selection of four downtempo dubstep/glitch hop tracks that invite you to rethink the depth of today’s hottest genres.

The release properly opens up with To The Moon & Beyond, one of my favorite tunes of the year thus far. The track is built around the opening and recurring strings, an element that, when done right, opens countless opportunities. With empty percussion, uncommon winds, and a downtempo piano part that is beyond sweet, the first drop hits all the right spots, but it is the second, somewhat club-inspired drop that really escalates this tune to unexpected levels. Calm, intense, melodic and different–what more could you ask for? The rest of the EP follows in suit, blending tasteful, downtempo piano melodies with contemporary bass-inspired beats with tracks like Crestfallen and Noelle’s Eloquence. With the quality we are seeing out of Loodma on a release-to-release basis, this is a label that should be on everyone’s radar.

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