Apr 09, 2014
Long-Lost Aphex Twin Album Sees Release On Kickstarter, eBay

You may have heard that a test pressing of Aphex Twin’s unreleased 1994 record Caustic Window quietly appeared for sale on Discogs this week. In an amazing display of synergy and camaraderie, the owner of this LP has struck up a deal with both Rephlex Records (Aphex Twin’s label) and the Aphex Twin fan forum We Are The Music Makers to ensure that fans finally have a way to get their hands on this long-lost gem.

The owner, who originally listed the record for a cool $13,500, has agreed to drop the price to $8,368 (£5,000) for WATMM’s administrator, who goes by Joyrex. With Rephlex’s blessing, that cost will be crowdsourced through Kickstarter, and 500 lucky fans who pay £10 (or about $16.70) into the fund will score a digital download of the album. Once the Kickstarter is over, the test pressing will be sold on eBay, with proceeds to be split three ways between Aphex Twin/Rephlex, the Kickstarter participants and a charity to be chosen by users of WATMM.

As Joyrex points out on WATMM: “All agree that it’s a good chance to give the hardcore fans a unique chance to own something that will never see the light of day otherwise.”

In 1994, Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) recorded The Caustic Window Album LP under his Caustic Window pseudonym, but scrapped the project after the test-pressing stage. For years since, it has been assumed that there were only four copies in existence, in the hands of James and his closest associates. But FACT has confirmed with Warp/Rephlex that there are more copies out there, and this one is indeed the real deal. Listen to a 1993 Caustic Window track entitled Cordialotron below for an idea of what this record might sound like:

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