Oct 20, 2015
London Could Be Getting Its Own ‘Nightlife Mayor’

London could be about to create a new mayor specifically for the city’s nightlife sector, a role that is being recommended for creation by London Mayor Boris Johnston’s Music Venues Taskforce (MVT) and their newly released Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan.

The role, which has tentatively been billed the “Night Time Economy Champion,” would be similar to the position held by Amsterdam nighttime mayor Mirik Milan, and in the words of industry group the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), will “bring together businesses, residents, local authorities, transport, police and emergency services to build positive relationships, review policies and maximize the potential of a sector that in the UK is worth £66 billion a year.” The news of a nightlife mayor comes just a few months after the NTIA, a government lobby group that aims to support the UK’s nightlife scene, released a report detailing problems the industry is facing as well as potential solutions.

The announcement comes at a key time for UK nightlife, with recent reports disclosing that half the country’s clubs have closed down in past 10 years, with housing developments one of the key reasons for the decline. The MVT report, crucially, points out that the onus on mitigating noise issues from venues close to housing could be on the developers, not the venue owners, thereby reducing the likelihood that a new housing development near an existing venue will simply cause the venue to close.

Read the full Grassroots Music Venue Plan on the Greater London Authority website, here.

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