Jan 23, 2013
Locked Out of Heaven Remix Package
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) [Atlantic]
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (Cazzette's Answering Machine Mix) [Atlantic]
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (The M Machine Remix) [Atlantic]

Last month saw the release of Major Lazer’s reggae rendition of Locked Out of Heaven, the lead single off of Bruno Mars’ critically-acclaimed album, Unorthodox Jukebox. On Monday, Atlantic released a remix package of the chart-topping track that includes mixes by Canadian electro duo Sultan & Ned Shepard, English legend Paul Oakenfold, Swedish duo Cazzette and OWSLA’s The M Machine.

Sultan and Ned Shepard’s take on the track adds a piano lead that pairs nicely with Bruno’s vocals. The buildup transitions into a saw-heavy drop that includes deep, echoing slams peppered with guttural shouts. Oakenfold’s version hearkens back to different times with the inclusion of fast-paced acid-shots. Cazzette’s Answering Machine Mix is more upbeat and will do well during a beach party. The M Machine remix adds snare rimshots and airy violins on top of a light drum and base tempo with a splattering of bass wobbles. The remix package provides four unique interpretations of the hit track, covering a large area of the electronic music spectrum. Make sure you pick up your set on Beatport today.

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