Jun 23, 2012
Lockah Is A Weirdo
Lockah - Now U Wanna (Original Mix) [Jeffree's]
Lockah - Goons N Roses (Original Mix) [Jeffree's]
Lockah - The Sour Drink From The Ocean (Original Mix) [Jeffree's]

In typical Scottish EDM fashion, Lockah seems unafraid to blend a multitude of genres for a maximalist sound. His new EP, When You Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo and Become a Threat, has just been released via Mad Decent’s Jeffree’s imprint. Aside from one of the most hysterical album titles of recent memory, the EP comes correct, taking cues from genres like garage, trap, and 8-bit video game music.

Tuning into the opener, Now U Wanna, feels like the opening level of a video game. Challenging listeners with a “now you wanna f*ck with me?” vocal cut, a seemingly upbeat garage track takes a perfectly weird turn to darkness. Goons N Roses continues the journey into more 8-bit madness while The Sour Drink From The Ocean finishes off the EP beautifully with syrupy synth work and arpeggios atop R&B vocals. When You Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo And Become A Threat is available for free here.

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