Feb 07, 2014
Lightning In A Bottle Announces New Location & 2014 Dates

Photo by Andrew Jorgensen

This year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival will take place at the Lake San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California on Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-26.

We felt so welcome last year, with its good vibes and amazing community. The Do Lab’s music and arts festival stands on its own; it offers a great alternative to the familiar crowds and atmosphere at other EDM festivals. Although last year had a great venue at Lake Skinner, some controversy erupted regarding police activity. Another complaint about last year’s location was that a lot of the theme camps had to stop playing music by midnight. With the new location, we can definitely hope for the party to keep going later into the night.

The fresh new location is 240 miles North of Los Angeles and 186 miles South of San Francisco. This halfway point between the LA and SF will definitely make it easier for both communities to unite. Tickets will go on sale Feb. 18. Now, we’re just eagerly awaiting the lineup announcement!

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