Apr 12, 2011
Loaded to the Max
Loadstar - BLVD (Original Mix) [RAM]
Loadstar - Space Between (Vocal Mix) [RAM]

Down in Miami, some of us in the LT3 crew got pretty up close and personal with the world’s leading drum’n’bass stars. Hitting up the ViRAM party, along with Andy C’s and Netsky’s sets at Ultra, we got a fat dose of the latest in cutting-edge British dnb. RAM Records owner and DJ legend Andy C in particular just threw it DOWN; you can’t deny the man’s longtime experience. In his live set, he ran the gamut of Nightlife treasures, from Chase & Status to Delta Heavy and Wilkinson. But one set of on-the-rise bombmakers that Andy C also featured thoroughly hasn’t had a proper LT3 introduction yet–Loadstar.

You may remember the duo’s warp engine of a track that was Link to the Past on my Nightlife 5 post. Hailing from Bristol in the UK, Loadstar is the collaborative pact between producers Xample and Lomax. Being accomplished producers separately who had their tracks signed and featured by RAM long before their alliance, it was only natural that the combination proved instantly lethal to dancefloors.

BLVD and Space Between both came out in the last month or so, and go to show how far the team has come. Not quite as audacious as RAM stablemates Delta Heavy, Loadstar prefers a rather understated and melodic approach to to the genre, not unlike Netsky. As a result, their tracks end up feeling truly epic, like the background music to some futuristic city. Sparse use of vocals adds a dash of house soul that brings it all together for a set of dancefloor destroyers.

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