Dec 16, 2013
Living ‘For The Moment’ With Chris North And #138
Chris North - For The Moment (Original Mix) [#138]

It’s not unusual to see new producers in EDM, but a new label is more of a rarity. Much like new teams in a major sport, be it football or motorsport, getting an entire label off the ground is a risky business. But with just two releases on their books, #138 seem to have got it right. Following up from their debut last month, the label seems to be a fine addition to the scene.

For The Moment is another track from a largely unknown producer, this time London-based Chris North. It’s the epitome of what decent uplifting trance has always been about–it’s the music, not the name, which matters. That said, Chris certainly has the skills to take himself to the top. For The Moment boasts epic trance production throughout, with a massive riff, some solid rhythms, and a nice bit of piano to bind it all together.

There’s plenty of good trance about nowadays, but it’s the underground tracks, producers, and labels like this that keep the genre alive and exciting. For The Moment is out now on Beatport, and is another chapter in one of the most exciting new developments in trance.