Jun 05, 2014
LIVE STREAM: Ride Along With deadmau5 On The Gumball 3000

Hop into the Purrari (not shotgun, that’s Tory Belleci’s seat) and hold on. deadmau5 is livestreaming from the inside of the nyan cat-themed Ferrari 458 as he makes his way to New York from Miami in leg one of the Gumball 3000.

Just days after sharing the speed-themed Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer and third single from his forthcoming double album While(1<2), deadmau5 is joined by co-pilot and designated roadtrip Mythbuster Troy Belleci in the custom-painted troll-mobile for a race of his own. The two are barrelling up the I-95 headed for the Big Apple from the starting line in Miami before being shipped across the transatlantic along with the other 120 cars and their celebrity drivers to continue through Edinburgh, London, Paris, and Barcelona before finishing in Ibiza on June 11.

Thanks to his media hub deadmau5 Live and whoever invented 360-degree cameras, you can turn, pan, zoom, and whatever else while enjoying a front row seat for the action while deadmau5 and Belleci talk strategy, avoid cops, and draft behind semi trucks in their blasphemous Purrari for 3,000 miles.

Watch here (no subscription needed).