Aug 28, 2015
Live Nation Cancels HARD’s ‘A Night At Fairplex,’ Adds Regulations

News continues to bode ill for Gary Richards and the HARD crew as Live Nation cancels September’s A Night At Fairplex and enacts even more stringent regulations for future HARD events.

The cancelation is Live Nation’s response to the city-organized investigation into the deaths of two patrons at this last August’s HARD Summer. Though the September event will no longer happen, there is a silver lining in that the city’s proposed blanket ban on raves on LA county grounds has not come to pass (yet).

October’s HARD Day Of The Dead will still go forward as planned, but with an attendance cap at 40,000 compared to HARD Summer’s 65,000. The biggest setback for promoters is the new age requirement, which won’t allow any patrons under 21 to attend.

Though many in attendance at this past HARD Summer would argue that security was as strict as they have seen it, Live Nation promises even more security in place for DOTD. In addition, HARD will be required to distribute drug education pamphlets, increase access to free water, and add more medical services.

“This is certainly not the end of the story, there will be additional discussions, additional research and additional corrective actions moving forward,’ a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors said about future events. “This is an evolving review, we’re not through with the assessment yet.”

Currently, the report to ban all future raves remains under confidential lock, though a summary cites that there may be a “permanent or temporary ban” pending the review in regards to the proposition’s breach in contract with Live Nation, and the potential violation of the first amendment.

HARD fans still look forward to Day Of The Dead happening Halloween weekend, but with somber suspense as the future of large-scale events in Los Angeles hangs in precarious balance.

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