Oct 28, 2011
Live Long & ProZZper
ZZT - Vulkan Alarm! (Original Mix) [Turbo]
ZZT - Vulkan Alarm! (Proxy Remix) [Turbo]
ZZT - Vulkan Alarm! (Jan Driver Remix) [Turbo]

A while ago, Toothless commented on ZZT (better-known as the brain child of Zombie Nation and Tiga). The duo released their new single last month on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings label, as well as a video (see below). The track, named Vulkan Alarm!, is an homage to Star Trek, and it might be a proper name; this dark techno track is not of this world.

With the release of the single comes three different remix incarnations from three different produces–Proxy, Jan Driver, and Perc. While the first two do a great job at giving their own spin on the dark track, in my opinion, the original is the way to go. Tiga’s simplistic use of minimal snares and Zombie Nation’s glitchy synth make the track stand out. Check out the other two remixes I posted to decide for yourself!

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