Nov 03, 2012
Little People Returns To Music
Little People - Marzipan Children (Original Mix)
Little People - Eminence Grise (Original Mix)
Little People - Aldgate Patterns (Original Mix)

October was a big month for UK-based artist Little People. After a six road hiatus from album production, Little People released his sophomore LP We Are But Hunks Of Wood on October 9 to fans who had been waiting patiently for another hearty helping of downtempo electronic bliss.

Rewind six years to Mickey Mouse Operation, the first album we heard from Little People. The album displayed the dark, hip hop stylings of the brains behind the operation, Laurent Clerc. The album flopped due to poor promotion, and Little People bowed out of the music arena leaving his album to sink into oblivion. But not all hope was lost for Little People. with the help of music streaming website Pandora, Laurent’s music was given a new breath of life and found a new, dedicated following. The album became so successful it actually climbed into the Top 30 list of iTunes’ Electronic Music purchases.

After six years spent promoting his brand and evolving his signature sound, Laurent finally returned to the music scene with We Are But Hunks Of Wood, which departs from his previous production methods of sampling and chopping in favor of entirely original creations. The LP peaked at number 4 in the top selling electronic albums on iTunes US on the day of its release, proving that Little People was back with a brand new rhythm.

We Are But Hunks Of Wood invites listeners into a more chill and highly experimental side of Laurent’s mind. We hear a soothing slew of sounds ranging from synths and beats to ambient bloops and bleeps, with live instruments complementing the robotic ambiance. The LP is comprised of 11 tracks, with the first song Marzipan Children inviting listeners in with a warm and welcoming sound, topped off by soothing drum rolls and guitar strums. Eminence Grise is a melancholy-feeling tune which ties together soulful sounds and spacey violin chimes perfectly. The fourth song Aldgate Patterns is a lo-fi melodic wonderland accompanied by an abstract video depicting masked tribal figures finding a magical floppy disk (see below).

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