Sep 27, 2010
Little Miss Beats
Miss Wendy - Beat Time (Dutch Version) [Spinnin']

Filthy Dutch club hits are always welcomed treats on any dance floor. That description is particularly descriptive of Beat Time, a track that will have you bangin’ the (or up against the) wall at home if you’re there listening when you hear it. Though the original is hot, the Dutch Version as it is called, tears it to shreds. A dark, dirty grinder that could (and should) be played by the likes of Dubfire among other dark tech house maestros, this track is a perfect way to increase and release tension in a crowd. The build in this track is supermassive–just the kind that will absolutely destroy enclosed-space dancefloors. 1:38 is what it’s all about in this track, though. I can just picture an evil dark king on his throne waving his sceptre as that beat unfolds to the drop, upon which every dark servant would entrancingly move to the track’s command.

Miss Wendy has been in the game since 1994, when she started DJing after being exposed to the beginning of the house scene in Holland. She’s played in venues and festivals alike around Europe and elsewhere, including Dance Valley Festival and Love Parade, and in countries ranging from Spain to South Africa. Her style features a good deal of variety, including elements of electro, tribal, techno, and trance, and consistently includes highly thumpy, bass-heavy beats. Give her a listen and cross your fingers that you get to experience this one in a live setting.

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