Jul 06, 2012
Little Boots, Moon Boots
Little Boots - Headphones (Moon Boots Remix)

Synth pop sensation Little Boots just got remixed by the UK’s Moon Boots. Little Boots, perhaps most well known for her past hit,Stuck on Repeat, has long since been silent here in the States. Hopefully, this remix will spark things up a bit, but perhaps, more importantly, things will heat up for Moon Boots. I’ve personally never heard of this guy before, but after hearing his remix of Headphones–me likey.

Moon Boots’ reimagination of Headphones incorporates laid back grooves and jubilant synths in a brilliant fashion. It’s perfect for the summer time–it’s not intense by any means, and it creates just the right atmosphere for a light-hearted dance floor. I think that her voice sounds just perfect against the wall of colorful synth progressions. Make sure you snag your copy for free over at Moon Boots’ SoundCloud Page. Keep it groovy <3

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