Apr 23, 2014
Lone’s Simply Beautiful Remix of Wild Beasts

British producer Matt Cutler, aka Lone, is getting ready to release his next album Reality Testing in just a few short months. In the meantime, Lone has dropped a brand new remix of UK indie icons Wild Beasts’ A Simple Beautiful Truth.

Lone made a name for himself last year with his playful dance debut Galaxy Garden. His remixes, as well as sample tracks from his upcoming album like 2 Is 8 and AM Portal, showcase the warm, lush production seen on his debut.

While much of Lone’s rhythm and style is influenced by old-school hip hop and backpack rap, this takes a backseat to his latest remix. Instead, Lone opts to exchange tight percussion and subtle guitar riffs for bright, punching synth. Swift bullets of digital force push their way through a smooth series of airy, electronic loops that fall over vocalist Hayden Thorpe’s R&B-style crooning.

Lone’s remix will be featured on Wild Beasts’ upcoming A Simple Beautiful Truth remix EP, and his sophomore album, Reality Testing , is out June 17.

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