Apr 18, 2012
Liquid Madness
Fred V & Grafix - Just A Thought (Instrumental Mix) [Viper]
Fred V & Grafix feat Reija Lee - Just A Thought (Vocal Mix) [Viper]

When a yet-to-be-released drum’n’bass tune gets early DJ support from Sub Focus, High Contrast, Wilkinson, and BBC’s Zane Lowe, it’s safe to say the tune isn’t going to be a tiny blip on the radar when it’s released. So is the case for the Fred V & Grafix tune called Just A Thought, recently released by Viper Recordings. Viper label boss Futurebound is building quite a coterie of artists, with Fred V & Grafix being some of its newest recruits. The duo have been turning quite a few heads in the d’n’b scene lately, DJing at the famed Hospitality events and the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London. They have also recently released material on Hospital Records, a sure sign that their liquid-styled productions are getting massive attention from the scene’s most influential heads.

The troupe’s latest tune Just A Thought has a new-aged liquid vibe that would make Netsky fans grin from ear to ear. The song has a pulsing lead synth that’s choked by a modulated filter into a quarter-note pattern, exploding with high energy from the first colossal drop. The lead synth is paired with a plucked-type synth that strums along at breakneck velocity, while its delays delicately cascade into silence. The vocal mix of the tune features Reija Lee’s tender and luxurious voice, matched perfectly to the satiny-smooth vibes of the instrumental. Vocals or no vocals, Just A Thought will be the tune that elevates d’n’b crowds into liquid delirium.

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