Jan 21, 2012
Liquid Cryogen
Liquid Stranger - Beacon [Interchill]
Liquid Stranger - Minimum [Interchill]
Liquid Stranger - Far & Beyond [Interchill]

Sometimes you get the urge to listen to something contemplative; something deep and unnerving, yet somehow uplifting. When I get that urge, I usually look no further than the mellow indie-pop of Scandinavia along the lines of Royksopp, Bjork, or Kettle. It wasn’t till I was doing research for this writeup that I found out that Liquid Stranger–whom you might have seen on Rottun collabs–is also to be counted among the ranks of melancholic Northern beats.
Who is Liquid Stranger? He’s a Swede with a penchant for the dark, deep and mysterious. His new album, Cryogenic Encounters (partial artwork above), is everything from ambient to glitch hop, dubstep to IDM. Well, that’s not a huge range, but it all comes together nicely.

Opening track Beacon sets the tone for the rest of the album with a carefree glitch beat laid over atmospheric musings–kind of like what the background music would be in a jungle of glowing, silicon-based plant life. Minimum is the glowing oasis in the middle of the album, utilizing water sounds to create an ambience of utter calm through misty soundscapes. Nearing the end is Far & Beyond, where the jungle opens into a clearing and the light of the wondrous cosmos falls like snowflakes on the extraterrestrial plant life. If you give the entirety Cryogenic Encounters a chance, I’m sure you find yourself on such a journey as mine.

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