Jul 11, 2012
Lil Silva's Funky Club Music
Lil Silva - The 3rd (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]
Lil Silva - Shutter (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]
Lil Silva - Quest (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]

In typical Night Slugs fashion, their latest release, Club Constructions Vol. 2 by Lil Silva, is anything but typical. The London producer has carved out a unique sound for himself, blending UK funky and grime to create a three-track EP of future bass club bangers. Be forewarned: these genres are not widely explored this side of the Atlantic, so many of you are about to have your minds blown.

Shutter starts in strong with some fat, trunk-rattling square waves and flanged snare drums. Next comes Quest which starts off spacey until yet another thick, detuned bass drop hits hard throughout the mix. Rounding out Club Constructions is The 3rd, which features a litany of swirling drum rhythms that are enough to make your head spin.

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