Oct 29, 2012
Like Him When He’s Angry
Angry Man - Tyrant (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
Angry Man - Tyrant (Angry Acid Mix) [Monster Tunes]

Who is Angry Man? Aside from presumably having temper problems, there are no real clues to the identity of this artist, who debuted earlier this year with a release on Perfecto Fluoro. His Discogs page merely suggests that he’s a “hard/tech trance/acid producer” from the UK, his Twitter only has a handful of tweets—all telling people that their theories and speculations about him are incorrect—and his website holds a mailing list signup and nothing more. This time around, he graces Monster Digital with a techy single called Tyrant.

For all the bluster, though, the original mix isn’t all that angry. In fact, it seems to be a rather uplifting-tinged tech track to my ears; well done, with a balanced layering of synths that are somewhat lighter than some of the techier fare that I’ve reviewed before. The other track on this release is called the “Angry Acid Mix,” and this doesn’t live up to its name quite so adamantly either; it brings a more solid, tech-grounded foundation to the bass and the structure than the original, but hints of acid don’t appear until the fabulously abrupt build and drop out of the break—and when they do, they up the tech factor of the single in a huge way. I could definitely see this mix, my pick of the two, being a stand-alone single track release.

Tyrant is a gem not to be overlooked. It doesn’t shed any more light on who the producer is, but if the quality of his work is anything to go by, we can expect to hear more from him soon.

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