Jun 18, 2010
Like a Comet Across the Sky
Motionchild & Will Holland feat Tiff Lacey - Arctic Kiss (Andy Duguid Remix)

You could die on the middle of the dance floor and this remix would get your heart pounding again.  Not to be confused with Andy Blueman, Andy Duguid has created magic from an already stellar track.  Not that Blueman, Jonas Hornblad, and Sami Saari haven’t created wonderful mixes, but not of them hit me like Duguid’s.

The thing that separates this mix is the bass line and the ambiance surrounding it. He keeps Tiff Lacey’s beautiful voice taking over at times with perfect background vocals (see 1:40), but creates this incredible bass line that diverges from your typical trance track.  So many subtle things make it so you can listen to this track over and over and pick out something new each time.  My favorite is this soft tone (very noticeable entering at 1:56) used as a pad, then he changes it to this simple melody when the bass begins to build at 2:14 which creates a killer combination.

Released back on April 26, 2010 on Enhanced Progressive’s “Arctic Kiss (Part 1)”, this remix is sure to be a crowd favorite for some time.

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