Aug 29, 2012
Lights Out For Don Diablo
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Short Version) [Sony]
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Hostage Remix) [Sony]
Don Diablo - The Golden Years (Short Version) [Sony]

If you’re familiar with Don Diablo’s work, you’ll know that he’s well seasoned in both dance-y club music and straight up electro bangers. His latest EP, Lights Out EP, fuses those two elements with a bit of an aggressive edge, essentially allowing Diablo to do what he does best, while giving us something fresh to rage with.

Lights Out Hit is a rough electro tune, but one that would somehow fit well in a Top 40 club. It would definitely make things easy for the light-tech in a club as things get real dark really quick. Angela Hunte’s vocals are fun, albeit a bit poppy, and it has a drop you just can’t say no to. Scottish producer Hostage extrapolates on the original idea, giving the track a dancier and overall bigger UK-style beat. Which such crisp and heavy percussive elements, this remix will only get bigger in a club or at a festival. Another favorite off the release is The Golden Years, a big electro tune with a sick guitar-style synth and house-shaking percussion.

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