Dec 16, 2011
Lifted Upon the Drums
Falinox - Drift Out (Original Mix) [Lifted]
Falinox - Worlds Collide (Original Mix) [Lifted]
Seba - Painted Sky (Falinox Remix) [Lifted]

In contrast to mainstream music, the EDM world is composed of a tons of smaller labels. This fact drastically alters many aspects of the industry, but in particular it creates the notion of brands of artists backed by a certain label’s stamp of approval. One stalwart brand in the drum’n’bass space is the label Lifted, which brought us such heavy hitters as Spor (a.k.a Feed Me), Ewun (a.k.a. Kill The Noise), and Evol Intent. If those names don’t stand out to you, click the links and get up to speed! The label has been dormant for a while with its last release dating back to May 2011, but it has returned to unleash upon the world a phenomenal new entrant into the drum’n’bass world: a man by the name of Falinox.

This 22 year-old hails from Joliet, Illinois, about 40 minutes south of Chicago. Before producing drum’n’bass, he fostered his love for electronic music first in the intelligent dance music (IDM) world, following labels like Ghostly and Warp Records. At around the age of 19, he took a swing at dnb production and over timed showed his ability to slam it out of the park, attracting the attention of the industry titans listed above. His most recent release features two incredible tunes showcasing this budding artist’s talents. In somewhat true-to-IDM style, Drift Out is fairly atypical in its arrangement, but is musically cohesive in its exploration of progressive elements infused into dnb. Worlds Collide introduces itself via a smooth proggy space journey and periodically ventures into shadowed and uncharted territories before returning back again. Quite an interesting piece.

Despite the obvious stamp of excellence that the previous two tracks have received, it wasn’t until I graced Falinox’ remix of Seba’s Painted Sky that I grasped the enormity of Lifted’s recent signing. I’m truly still in shock, struggling to express my thoughts as I hit play for what must be the fifteenth time. What isn’t this track? A true cross-breed of genres, this track reaches deep and doesn’t let go. It’s got beautiful airy vocal samples, piano, dubstep wobbles, and a multitude of other elements that on the surface would seem unfathomable to mix properly, but Falinox has proven otherwise. I can’t express how excited I am to hear more from this producer. My hats off to Lifted for another choice pick!

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