Oct 07, 2012
Life Is Amazing For The Nerds
Chris Reece feat John Williams - Life Is Amazing (Helvetic Nerds Rock-A-Dub) [Unreleased Digital]

Switzerland’s front-running dance music group the Helvetic Nerds just released their remix for homeland favorite Chris Reece on Unreleased Digital. The nerds have had a successful summer aside from their solo careers with the release of their single Collum and their remix of Radiate for Dinka & Julie Thompson. They continue their trend of remixing fellow Swiss dance icons as they tackle Reece’s progressive bomb Life Is Amazing.

Life Is Amazing features the extraordinary voice of John Williams, who also laid down the vocals for EDX’s worldwide hit Give It Up For Love. Williams’ voice shines over beautifully strung guitar strings before dropping into an unexpected big room bassline pattern. Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, a screaming synth joins in on the action that puts this remix completely over the top. Make sure to support the artists and pick it up on Beatport.

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