Feb 07, 2012
Life in Shlohmo
Shlohmo - The Way U Do (Original Mix) [FoF]
Shlohmo - Wen Uuu (Original Mix) [FoF]
Shlohmo - Rained the Whole Time (Original Mix) [FoF]

To say that we’ve been eagerly awaiting experimental producer Shlohmo’s first release of the year would be a bit of an understatement. His newest release, titled Vacation, spoonfeeds us three lucid tunes that are driven by both soft, choppy samples as well as a sophisticated, yet undeniable beat. The release’s first track, The Way U Do boasts an epic guitar riff over manipulated vocal samples and a driving, yet straight chill beat. Wen Uuu offers a slightly more optimisitic beat, while the release’s final track, Rained the Whole Time, draws perfect imagery of staring out into your yard on a dreary, rainy day. Incredibly described by Shlohmo as “night time backyard noises” each track on this release fits as another chapter in the perfect dream, so make yourself a mini playlist and enjoy those ZZZs…

There’s no question that Shlohmo’s sound continues to grow as one that constantly pushes the boundaries of experimentation, but the magic in Henry Laufer’s music comes from how welcoming the final product is, amidst those layers of experimentation. It’s due to this rare, innate humility that his music somehow manages to stand alongside some of the best tunes today.

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