Sep 15, 2012
Life Gives You Lemon
Lemon - We Can't Fly (Solarstone Pure Mix) [Black Hole]

Let’s get one thing clarified straight out of the gate—usually, when we say “Lemon” in trance circles, we mean one half of well-known trance duo Lemon & Einar K. But this time around, the Lemon in this aural smoothie called We Can’t Fly is NYC-based duo Lemon (singer/songwriter Roger Smith and producer/instrumentalist Thor Madsen). This older album track of theirs got the trance treatment on Black Hole Recordings from Solarstone, who is racing forward with his “pure trance” movement, and delivers a remix that manages to incorporate classic-sounding trance elements without sounding dated.

There’s no denying that the full focus of this track is Roger’s rich vocal topline, which manages to sound as if it floats above the instrumental. You can’t quite pay attention to either the instrumental or the vocal separately; they’re very well-integrated. So as much as I might want to set aside the vocals for a second and relish Solarstone’s excellent demonstration of classic trance, or just listen to Roger’s lyrics alone without getting caught up in my trance geeking, there’s almost no way to do so. Hearing how Solarstone manages to insert a peak-time break into the track without killing the momentum of the vocal makes it clear that this remix is a standout. Once again, Solarstone proves that one can straddle the line between commercial vocals and traditional production without losing either in the process.

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