Sep 18, 2010
Life-Breathing Airwaves
Atlantis Ocean - Life Frequency (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Atlantis Ocean - Grove (Original Mix) [Vibra Macz]
Atlantis Ocean - Airwave (Original Mix) [Arrival]

What’s with these little known local DJ’s around the world making professional progressive house productions!? Recently I was blown away by the group Atlantis Ocean made up of two Russian dudes, Damir and Alexander, who have even made it onto Beatport’s Top 100 Trance Downloads with their track Life Frequency. Well on the rise, Atlantis Ocean are continuing to get signed to bigger and bigger Russian record labels such as Kontakt, Silk Royal, and my personal favorite Snoochi Boochi. Best of all you can download their new electro and progressive house productions in glorious 320kbps for free on their podcast. This reminds me of some other Russians named Fast Foot, which do the same for their fans.

Atlantis Ocean specializes in blurring the lines between house and trance to develop some very elegant progressive house. Their biggest hit, Life Frequency, will amaze you with its wonderfully epic breakdown preceding a thunderous explosion of ground shaking bass. Up next, Grove has a harder beat and is quite unique for its time-stopping acoustic piano breakdown at 5:10. Lastly we have their quite aptly named Airwave track. This is precisely the kind of tune you can just sit back, relax, and imagine laying down on a warm sunny beach to.

Atlantis Ocean deserves some major recognition for their raw skills and beautiful melodies. To be this talented and still relatively unknown is a hint to all the major labels out there to definitely check them out.

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