Dec 22, 2014
Lido Remixes ‘Why I’m Single’ And Hints At Work With Flume
Alli Simpson - Why I'm Single (Lido Remix)

Multi-instrumentalist wonder boy Lido remixes lilangelboi’s cover of Alli Simpson’s Why I’m Single for a complete re-imagination and hints at new productions with Flume.

Leave it to Lido to take out the pop kitschiness of Simpson’s original for a refined rendition dripping with that future bass sound that has taken this past year by storm. He has of course snuck his chord signature into the remix, that high-pitched sequence of notes that can be heard in virtually every Lido track. In fact, if you head to his website you’re greeted with piano keys, and playing the sequence correctly gives you access to exclusive Lido content.

There is more for this budding producer with 2015 on the horizon. He hinted in his interview with Triple J earlier this month at new productions with a rising crop of future bass producers, including the indelible Flume.

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