Oct 30, 2011
Lick My Lolly Pop
Candy Sandy - Lolly Pop (Original Mix) [Clone 2.1]
Candy Sandy - Lolly Pop (Stereoliner Remix) [Clone 2.1]

And now for a little bit of that big room goodness we all love with a bit of a unique twist. Candy Sandy apparently likes to stay hidden pretty well because there is basically no information about him anywhere on the internet, even though there is a formidable string of Beatport releases associated with the man. Nevertheless, the music is still bangin’.

Lolly Pop is a fun, hands-in-the-air track that adds some sound palettes that aren’t quite typical of this genre. This is especially true of the Stereoliner remix, which is my favorite of the Lolly Pop versions. The billowing basslines that happen around one minute in arrive a bit out of left field but in an awesome way and separate the earlier part of this track from its more standard big room drop toward the end. Warning: it packs an amazing amount of punch. Hold onto your seats!

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