May 06, 2012
Lianne La Havas' Soothing Remixes
Lianne La Havas - Lost & Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Lianne La Havas - Forget (Shlohmo Remix)

Today I’m taking it down several notches. I love soothing house music, and today’s entry is a prime example of just that. Singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas (pictured) has been remixed by two of my favorite producers, Maya Jane Coles and Shlohmo. What emerges is what can only be described as audaciously rejuvenating.

Maya puts her signature downtempo spin on her take of Lost & Found (which you can download here for free), utilizing calming basslines and almost-silent claps. The highlight is how the lyrics flow perfectly with everything Maya has done here. There’s something about her remixes that make them sound like they are originals–like the song was meant to sound that way. Moving along, Shlohmo, who took the cake for our best indie/glitch song of 2011, put a surreal spin on Forget back in the fall. The slices of Lianne’s samples make for an delightfully unorthodox intro, while the real pleasure comes when her actual voice kicks in. All the while, Shlohmo’s earthy beats and ethereal effects take things down a winding road, to say the least. Shlohmo proves once again that he is an absolute genius when it comes to layering.

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