Nov 20, 2013
LEVI Finishes Cooking deadmau5′ Poptart
Deadmau5 - Drop The Poptart (LEVI Bootleg)

deadmau5 broke our collective hearts last week when he announced he was leaving Twitter. On top of that, he removed the majority of his SoundCloud uploads, including a work in progress titled Drop The Poptart, which was shaping up to be one of his finest efforts. Thankfully, a relatively unknown French producer by the name of LEVI has managed to out-mau5 the mau5 with the release of his own remix. This isn’t the first deadmau5 bootleg I’ve ever come across, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t one of the very best.

For nearly nine minutes, LEVI takes us on an audial journey of epic proportions. There are few, if any, who can match deadmau5′ incredible productions values, but this young French producer certainly comes close. Just listen to the piano–it’s freaking unbelievable. It’s definitely one of the more beautiful and expansive tracks to come my way, especially from an unheralded artist. For more stunning originals and remixes, go check out LEVI’s SoundCloud now.