Aug 19, 2010
Let's Play The Genre Guessing Game
Marcus Schossow - Evil Machines Forever (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]
Marcus Schossow - Genre This (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]

Any conversation about cutting-edge trance and progressive house has to begin with the name Marcus Schossow. The 25-year old Swedish DJ has made a living out of blurring the lines between house and trance, blending in synth sounds with his trademark techy beats.

The unconventional is very much Schossow’s brand of music. His album, appropriately titled, Outside The Box, follows few rules in the ways of dance production, not even a 4/4 beat sometimes! Despite Schossow’s artistic conviction for genre-defying music, his work is in no way overly abstract for the casual dance fan…ok maybe for some. But the all-encompassing Schossow is so diverse with productions, anything from uplifting prog house to dark deadly trance is game; some even in the same song! Just try counting how many different influences are in his tongue-in-cheek titled track, Genre This. That challenge may be even tougher with Evil Machines Forever, a dark tech gem with few clues of identifiable genre traits.

If you’re a fan of dance in general, I’m certain you’ll find something in Schossow’s deep repertoire that’ll inspire you.

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