Apr 09, 2013
Let’s Jack
Breach - Jack (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Breach - Let's Get Hot (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Breach - Let's Get Hot (Dub Mix) [dirtybird]

Jack’s mythos within EDM began with Fingers Inc’s release of pioneering, 1988 track Can You Feel It. It spoke of Jack, his finding of the groove of all grooves, and the ultimate birth of house music.

Fast-forward 25 years and Jack’s latest incarnation is found embedded within Breach’s brand new Jack EP, reminding us that we remain forever in the sanctity of Jack’s house–our house.

The creation of the Jack EP began with the bouncy B-side, Let’s Get Hot; its booty-jiggling sound landed it on dirtybird rather than Naked Naked, Breach’s own imprint. After first hearing Let’s Get Hot, label head Claude VonStroke commissioned a second, “even more sexual” track. A brisk 10 days later, Londoner Ben Westbeech sent over a short clip of Jack. Claude VonStroke loved what he heard so much, that while on a train heading to Manchester, England, he stretched out the short clip into a rough track to destroy that night’s dancefloor at The Warehouse Project. In Miami, the final cut made its appearance, where it was played out to success and passed around from DJ to DJ faster than twinkies at a Hostess convention.

With its indelible presence and crowd appeal, the Jack EP is a hot entry for incoming summer. Pick up Breach’s new dirtybird EP from Beatport today.

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