May 18, 2010
Let’s Get Funky

Hi All-Proto here. I’m currently living it up in the greatest city on earth: New York City–though I’ll be switching coasts to Cali in about 4 months. I’ve been in love with dance music my whole life, and consequently my tastes are pretty varied. You could see me post a dirty bassline dubstep track one day and an uplifting minimal house track the next…be prepared. What I love about EDM is that each genre provides a wide spectrum emotions, moods, crowds, dancing styles…and they’re pretty much all fantastic in their own way. Here at <3, our goal is to do the annoying sifting work for you, bringing you the cream of the crop among all dance music. It’s about damn time we unified the movement, dont you think?

Anywayyyy, for my first post I thought I’d share something a little more funkified. With only 3 years in the studio, Lazy Rich has more chart-topping releases under his belt than most artists achieve in their entire career. He’s a UK native now based out of Canada, and serves as the head of his own label “Big Fish Recordings.” Lazy Rich brings a funky, dark, poppin electro sound sound to the table, which, combined with some almost-too-epic buildups, is nothing short of an adventure to listen to. I sometimes think that his buildups aren’t quite satisfied by his drops, but in this track he definitely nails it. Jay Robinson manages to up the banger meter on this track in combination with Supabeatz. Have yourself a listen…

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