May 12, 2011
Let Me See You Moombah
Datsik - Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)
TC - Where's My Money (Munchi's Kinda Aggressive Right Now Remix)
David Heartbreak - King Kong (Original Mix)

Moombahton has been picking up quite a bit of steam lately in the EDM world. The Dutch house-turned-reggaeton subgenre got its name from American DJ/producer Dave Nada who played the Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo track Moombah at 108bpm at a party he was DJing in 2009 in Washington, DC. The subsequent sound was dubbed moombahton, and now everyone from Laidback Luke to Skrillex is spinning the sound that is part latino, part Dirty Dutch, and completely down and dirty. Moombahton tracks have a raw, unpolished quality to them as an artistic effect–this genre is new, underground, and basically, it seems like by the sounds of most of the songs that these producers don’t give a f*ck (in a good way).

So what are some of the moombahton tracks that have people going nuts in the club these days? It’s impossible to talk about moombahton without talking about Dutch producer Munchi (pictured). One of the biggest names in the burgeoning genre, the man was unfazed by a recent medical scare and shows no signs of slowing down at all. The two tracks I have added by him, his remix of Datsik’s Firepower and his remix of Where’s My Money by TC, are both a part of the sub-subgenre of moombahton known as moombahcore, which is basically moombahton but angrier with lots of Spanglish yelling and gunshots; these tracks are in-your-face and sexy at the same time. The last track, King Kong by David Heartbreak, is my personal favorite, and employs a ferocious dubstep wobble and vocal samples from the Denzel Washington movie Training Day. What do you guys think of moombahton? Would you enjoy a moombahton live set? Shoot me a comment!

Credit for these awesome track discoveries goes to DJ Inf3ction.

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