Sep 11, 2012
Let Blawan Hide The Bodies
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? (Original Mix) [Hinge Finger]
Blawan - His Money (Original Mix) [Hinge Finger]
Blawan - And Both His Sons (Original Mix) [Hinge Finger]

We knew techno was primal, but the gripping sounds of Blawan are like a teeth-clenching whirlwind through the depths of hell. On a tear as of late, Blawan’s His He She & She is the sophomore release on Joy Orbison’s Hinge Finger label, and his biggest since last year’s monstrous Getting Me Down. Rough, obnoxious, and driving, this is techno at its finest–dance floor mania shrouded in terror.

The first track asks the question that lingers throughout the EP: Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? Guttural vocals get raspier as the rolling bassline tumbles over itself like a plane buzzing overhead. And those sinister, funhouse shrieks; if this weren’t such intriguing, body-shaking techno, I’d be worried for my well-being. The screams don’t stop on His Money and And Both His Sons. The voice gets deeper, intense percussion gallops like the sound of many warhorses, and just like that Blawan’s got you hypnotized, craving more. This is a sound unlike anyone else’s, a product so unique and so chilling that it’s sure to end up on tons of year-end lists. Look for the track on this EP that isn’t featured here, His Daughters, at your own risk. Good luck getting through that one with the lights out.

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